What is the 10 Million Club?
As a successful business owner, to achieve financial freedom, you may be interested in some of the following:
If you could achieve your GOALS more quickly would that be of VALUE to you?
Are you confident that your business is properly PROTECTED and not VULNERABLE?
What is the longest holiday you have had? How did the business COPE without you?
How does it work?
Give us a CALL and discus your Goals and what could be holding you back
We will provide a FREE diagnostic and eligibility report
You decide how QUICKLY you want to execute and achieve your Goals!
Some examples...
Identified over £1.5million of new sales opportunities for a specialist engineering company. Helped them to achieve.
Legally protected a multi-million business with proper shareholder agreements
Export sales order from the India government exceeding £5million, for a UK manufacturer with own innovative technology
Innovative approach to getting payment of £m from a multinational customer 
Achieved ISO 9001 certification for a construction supply chain company in record time. Streamlined business processes. Increased profits
Ensured major travel company was GDPR compliant and using its I.T. for business impact
Team of leading experts in our field...


Jay is passionate about protecting companies and their hard earned success, commercially, financially and contractually. He helps Club members with due diligence.

Jay is a litigator who has delivered many innovative solutions often against huge opponents.


Simon is passionate about helping companies using appropriate digital platforms to scale their business and help Members achieve huge exit valuations

Simon has worked for ______________


Deb is passionate about helping companies with their sales engines. This is a vital ingredient for successful Club members.

Deb has worked for BT and helped over 200 SMEs with achieving exceptional sales.


Garry is passionate about helping companies reduce waste and increase operational efficiency to win more business.

Garry has worked in sales and project management for major construction and engineering companies.

To check eligibility to join the 10 Million Club and transform your business...

03333 217 888


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