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Maximum funds from the sale of your business


There are many stages to selling a business. We work with you at the right time to guide you through the whole process.


We can help to drive up the value of your business in many ways.


We have only one objective: To help you profitably grow your business, and when the time is right, help you get the maximum money from the sale of your business, by doing the right things and avoiding common mistakes.

Service at a Glance


  • Identifying the sale approach

  • Emphasising your uniqueness

  • Defining your market position

  • Increasing revenue to ensure the business is attractive

  • Finding profitable new customers

  • Checking your financial health and governance


  • Streamlining your operations

  • Preparing your management

  • Looking after your workforce

  • Getting you legally compliant

  • Finding the right buyer

  • Ensuring you are ‘sale ready’

The Unique Process

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Free 1-hour meeting to produce an overview of the requirements and an action plan. Session can be conducted remotely

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Develop a bespoke plan to suit your business, time-scales and budget. Achieve 10x return on investment over the year.

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Agree proposal and start date. Establish goals and mile-stones. We can mobilise within 2 days.


Who would benefit:

  • Owners wanting to sell - but need to increase the value of their business first.

  • Owners  planning to sell to an external buyer in 1-3 years time

  • Owners wanting to arrange a management or employee buy out

  • Manufacturing, Cleaning, Facilities Management, Construction, Professional services, and many other companies can benefit from our approach.service.

Benefits for the Business:

  • Maximise the growth and value of your business for a sale.

  • Ensure your business is in top shape to attract the best buyers.

  • A professional team preparing the sale allowing you to concentrate on day to day business.

The Senior Team

Paul Vousden and Deb Sen lead a team of highly skilled and experienced experts who can handle all aspects of the business value creation and sale process.


Paul and Deb are both experienced executives who have run and successfully sold businesses for a handsome profit.

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Start achieving your financial dreams

Telephone: 03333 217 888