Executive Team


Deb Sen


We have used many consultants, but Deb from Ministry for Growth, has provided us with a number of practical tools to help us focus and prioritise our sales activities.


Paul Allen,

Sales Director, HV Wooding

Marketing management in BT for 7 years till 1992

Started 8 companies. Largest reached £1.5m, employing 25 staff

Runs Business Accelerator and Supply Chain Upskill Programmes


Specialised Growth Coach


Jinu Mathew


The Business Mentoring session with Jinu was very productive and useful. I was able to discuss my business plan thoroughly and his advice proved to be invaluable when developing strategic frameworks.


Rupa Sen

Business Development Manager, MEMF


Worked in hospitality (international hotel chains, restaurants etc.)

Built and exited from his own chain of restaurants

General Manager in the voluntary sector

Runs International  Explorer programme


Hilda Stearn


Hilda came along at exactly the right time. Not only did she believe in what I was trying to do, she identified a myriad of ways to get the business onto the very best footing. I literally could not have done this without her!


Michael Brown,

Founding Director, Empower to Cook!

Worked for local authorities and large insurers in training and professional development

Delivered flagship projects training SMEs on procurement

Runs Applied HR programme


Specialised Growth Coach

Garry Wilkes.jpg

Garry Wilkes​​

"A versatile Commercial Manager with extensive experience within the Defense, Education and IT sectors.  Successful project management skills for reviewing, updating and communicating process improvements including cost savings for businesses."

Emma Thorpe​​

"20 years marketing implementation B2B with 6 years self employment supporting SME's with marketing and copywriting."

Thomas Pinto​​

"Business operations expert for over 30 years, 15 years in FMCG businesses. Specialist in sales development for  food products, toiletries, textiles, domestic appliance, consumer durables and healthcare services."

Ray Fuggle​​

"30 years being self-employed and managing his own businesses. 16 years experience in advising and helping small businesses."


Expert Team

Sales and Marketing




We have established a network of over 30 trusted experts who are made up of:

Other associates

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International Network



Robert has lived and worked in China for over 30 years and is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. He is a 'wizard' at getting companies registered in China (WFOE) and from his experience, he knows how to get things done. His office is in Shenzhen. Joining the world’s fastest-growing economy has never been easier!




Kemal is a successful entrepreneur in Turkey, where his company employs 40 staff in 5 offices across Turkey. He specialises in the management and financing of R&D projects, having secured over $100m funding for over 200 projects in the past 10 years. Kemal has set up London Bridge Project who are also our UK partners.




Having lived in Japan, Australia and UK, Kirsty has developed the contacts to help you with market entry into Japan or Australia. She is particularly strong in Food and Beverages, Luxury Goods, Fashion.


Deb Asish


Deb has been an extremely successful entrepreneur having sold his UK-based software services company to Carillion. He has since set up a number of other ventures, and holds an official position with the Bengal Chamber Commerce & Industry. He is  very well connected up to government level and is a frequent speaker at International conferences on Energy efficiency and related topics.




Sabe is an international growth expert specialising in industries such as IT, FMCG, Food and Drink (having launched a lager brand in U.K. and U.S.), Personal Care and Pharmaceuticals. Sabe's primary focus is on high growth markets.




Nicholas has been running an international Leadership & Management training company for over 10 years, specialising in the development of people in governance, especially democratically elected personnel at national, regional and local levels. His clients include government departments in African countries.




An award-winning chef, Jakir has branched out into financial services, customer service training and education and has also been responsible for setting up an international airline based in Bangladesh. He is also extremely well connected and has an office in the USA.




Architect by profession, George has a successful Health & Safety practice in UK and Ghana. He has an office in Accra, and many high level contacts in the country.




Alan runs a successful international mobility company, helping blue chip and larger companies with the movement of staff between any two countries.  He has offices in UK and Denmark and has extensive connections in Scandinavia through the local Chambers.