Business Builder

Do you want to double your sales over the next 2–5 years

Do you want exceptional results from your sales team?

Do you want to increase the value of your business?


What is Business Builder?

Structured programme to double your sales and profits

Independent review of your sales focus and activities

Holistic sales support. We can initiate sales

Analysing your internal data and getting external evidence

Key Benefits


Access to over 30 tools and techniques

Fresh ideas, good practice and bench-marking

Access to new contacts and customers

Measurable and guaranteed  increase in business value


Do you know if there is a market for your product in the UK and if there are any entry barriers?

International Explorer


We can support you to realise your revenue generation goals in the UK market. Our expertise can help you avoid costly mistakes and access high level connections

What will your product's positioning be and at what price will you set the RRP?

How will you make your first sale and build up a robust sales pipeline?

Do you know the compliance issues with regards to setting up and running a business in the UK?


What is International Explorer - Inbound?

A systematic approach to targeted market entry (PAGE)

Robustly test feasibility and viability


Providing SMART growth for your company in the UK

Key Benefits

Experienced business people with high level contacts

Hand holding throughout the whole process. Minimise your risk


One-stop business support providing an A to Z of what an overseas company will need in the UK to generate income


International Explorer

Would you benefit from an in-country representative directly controlled by us?

Do you want to enjoy the rewards from overseas expansion without taking on huge risks?


Do you need a clear strategy and active plan for overseas business development?

Do you want to have more control over your overseas market entry budget?

What is International Explorer - Outbound?

A systematic approach to targeted market entry (PAGE™)

Sets agreed milestones and clear success criteria from each step to the next

Keeps an open mind and evalute suggestions from local overseas experts

Key Benefits


Significantly reduce the risk of new market entry through our structured programme

Adresses any cultural issues by matching your company with compatible local partners

Practical advice, hand-holding and support thoughout, including commerical negotiations


Growth Finance

Do you want to wow potential investors with your "story"?

Do you want to impress your investors by exceeding your sales targets?

Do you want some other form of finance to grow your business


What type of Growth Finance is right for you?

Objective look at your business plan and offer holistic advice



Access to investors both SEIS and larger scale


Access to over 300 other funders

Next steps

For more information on equity investment

For more information on alternative investment


Supply Chain Upskill Programme

Do you believe you are capable of delivering larger contracts?

Do you want serious business conversations with buyers from larger companies?

Would you like to explore opportunities to collaborate to deliver bigger projects?

What is the Supply Chain Upskill Programme?

Understand precisely what big buyers want from you

Change the way you do things to deliver these requirements


Significantly improve your success rate to win new contracts

Through excellent delivery, win significant repeat business


Confidently manage the growth of your business

Key Benefits

Deliver precisely what bigger companies want from suppliers

Learn new techniques to win more business

Do business with your colleagues on the programme

Get a massive return on investment 


Applied HR


Can your HR team support the delivery of the company's Business Strategy?

How does HR and value to your business, over and above the 'compliance' function?

Do your managers discuss their business plans with HR to explore the 'people' dimensions?

Can you measure the impact of HR on business growth?


What is Applied HR?

The accepted role of an HR team centres on compliance such as contracts of employment, reasonable adjustments to the workplace or fair remuneration packages. In today’s fast-moving world, HR can bring significant, tangible business benefits that are therefore measurable. The challenge for HR is to be seen as a real Business Partner rather than a Compliance Function. As a Business Partner HR can bring:


Maximising potential

Exemplar employer status

Value For Money

Business partnership


Stable workforce

Engaged workforce

Measurable benefits

Seamless team working

At its core Applied HR    is about talking the language of business, whilst retaining the best practice of standards of HR.


Key Benefits

A genuine alignment between individual, team and corporate goals

Seamless team working between HR and line managers to deliver business success

Measurable business outputs and outcomes as an integral part of the the HR strategy and plan

Being seen as a relevant function during the business development conversation

Relevant HR tools that support and add value to the top and bottom lines of the business

Credibility within the organisation as a 'can do, will do' function

Any other challenges?

Needing help with finance

Issues with their operations

Weaknesses in their systems and processes

Inadequate commercial agreements etc.

Businesses can face many other challenges such as:

If there are other challenges that your business is facing, get in touch and see whether a member of our team can offer you some initial advice.