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Stage I

Business focus

Stage II

Powerful story

Are you ready to take your profits to the next level?

Together with business Communications experts from Open Solutions, we will help you take your business to the next level, through executing a clear sales strategy and gaining competitive advantage through your Communications.


The way you communicate in business has an enormous impact on its success. Clear, concise and consistent messages, effective channels of communication, as well as your strategy, and ability to reach out to potential clients and partners, build trust, close and negotiate sales; all this will help drive your business to the next level.

Key outputs:

Stage I: Business Focus

Our support:​

  • Examine the current strategy and Board alignment

  • Analyse key internal data e.g. sales data

  • External market and competitor research

  • S.W.O.T based on customer perceptions

  1. Robust, evidence-based strategy

  2. Clear brief for all sales and marketing communications

  3. Customer-centric sales collaterals

  4. SMART targets and focused Plan

Stage II: Powerful Story

Our support:​

Key outputs:

  1. Clear, concise and consistent messages

  2. Significantly better sales conversion rates

  3. Increased repeat business

  4. Increased staff motivation and performance

  • Comprehensive audit and consistency assessment

  • Agree clear objectives for corporate communications

  • Develop and implement communications strategy

  • Complementary training and implementation support

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